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Updated May 2007

Download Tutorial Example Image Here!

Intro | Basic Setup | SkyLab | Sym Lattice | Material | Terrain and 2d | Lights, Gel & Render |

Hello all,

This is going to be a step by step pictorial series of how to use a light with texture gel, a 2d pict, Terrain and a Symmetrical Lattice to get the effects shown on the image below. Yes, just 4 objects and camera.

This is meant for *everybody* (absolute beginners included) and if you have a question please ask for me in the Bryce forum at 3dcommune.
I tried hard not to make any assumptions but I'm sure I missed here and there.
The first section deals with how to set up and save the most basic aspects of the scene. Camera, working screen size, render options, sky options and how to save. A sub part of the first section shows the SkyLab and what I did there.

Second will be how to physically apply the same image as a material for Terrain, Sym Lattice and 2d Pict and where to place them in the scene. (the picture shown uses only one image for all objects, which I will link for download)

Third will show Ranged falloff volume light and what effects you can get from changing certain aspects of the sky, light gel (a texture placed over a light) and material properties.

Finally, I will explain how to Render to Disk and the file formats/settings used to achieve good results. [Never use Jpeg!]
If you see anything you don't understand stop and ask in 3dcommunes Bryce forum.
This includes things like 'why does your Bryce look different?' . . .'How do I get that menu you show?'. . .'Where did my file go?'. . .'How can I get more working area?' etc,...

If you want to save any images shown to your drive simply right click the image and select Save Picture As...
I suggest you name them in a manner that makes sense to you and save to a folder on your desktop.
Here's the effect we'll end up with. . .

Example Image

Intro | Basic Setup | SkyLab | Sym Lattice | Material | Terrain and 2d | Lights, Gel & Render |

Updated Thursday, May 10, 2007