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Updated 1 April 2006

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   Cinema 4D  Tutorials here

A non-fancy page that leads to plenty of Bryce tutorials written by me (Paul Pappathan a.k.a. Pinhead) as well as Cinema 4D and BodyPaint3D items.
Many will (well, maybe) soon be available as standard PDF for your convenience or simply to waste ink ; )
I can be contacted directly here: rAMPed Graphics, or as Pinhead, at via site mail.
You can also get my free models, Bryce materials, skies, obp's and other freestuff at 3D Commune.

Ok, this page is gettin outta hand. I'll actually try to organize it like a real web site soon if someone bitches and moans a bit...hahahaha. No kiddin.

Title: Bryce 5.x Jetstream/Stratus Cloud tutorial     by Pinhead

Description: Illustrates methods to get high streaming clouds using the SkyLab and DTE.
A simple, precise look at cloud control ; )
Covers most all atmoshpere settings Bryce users should get familiar with.
A Flash presentation approx 1.9 MB(2012 KB) Run Time: 6 min 35 seconds.
About an hour if you walk real slow.

Download the zip here if you prefer:

September 2005

Title: Land-Ground Snap and Smooth     by Pinhead

Description: A very basic tutorial for new users of Bryce on how to use Land and Ground Snap.

Smooth imported object function shown also.
Good if you can't resolve the 'tree floating in air' syndrome or have models that don't appear as smooth as you would like ; )


August 2005

Title: Scene Creation: Make a moonlit Panorama     by Pinhead

Description: A tutorial for newer Bryce users.
Explains in full detail how to create a panoramic scene.
Covers document setup, sky, water, terrain, light use and render.
Not to be confused with a 360 Panorama render!
This is the traditional panorama which is defined by an aspect ratio (width and height) of 8 : 3
(Not the full 360 degree wrap that is popular for abstracts).


March 2005

Title: Obj and MTL files in Bryce     by Pinhead

Description: This is some basic information on object material files (the infamous *.mtl) and howwhy they can cause errors in Bryce.
For the geeky inclined ; ) But you do get some free martini glasses for reading it. hahahahaaa



Title: Bryce Reflection Mapping ala Mode     by Pinhead

Description: A fairly straight forward look at how to use/apply reflection mapping and maps in Bryce.
This is a very easy way to control color in your scene and can make terrains look great!
Written as a follow up to discussion in the Bryce 101 forum here.

Best regards,



Title: Importing Bryce Pic Texture List and tga files     by Pinhead

Description: A simple tutorial on importing/applying Bryce *.lst (Picture Texture List) and Targa files.
Meant to help newer users with the freestuff I uploaded.

Best wishes,




Title: Bryce Terrain Blends    by Pinhead


Hi all,

A simple way to generate complex terrains in Bryce.
Use the mucho overlooked Blend functions to layer and mix 2 totally different fractal types without leaving the Terrain Editor.
Please site mail me if you have any questions/input.



Title: Visible Light from the Ground Up     by Pinhead

Description: Somebody asked me about visible light and I couldn't find an easy way to explain without building a basic scene with all elements needed. The result is this tutorial.

Visible Light from the Ground Up - Bryce 4/5

For newer and interested Brycers. With thanks to Arianod.
Meant to illustrate how to create visible streaming light through room windows starting from ground level.
That means making a basic room, use the terrain editor to create negative boolean window cutouts, adding a few shapes for window sills and rafters, sticking some mats on, disabling the sun then finally adding the visible lights and gloomy atmosphere.

A lo0ong one, better get out the No-doze© hahahhahohoaaahhhhheeyaaa
Bryce 4 Mats, Sky, Bryce 4 scene file and graphic for terrain editing available as zips - linked to the document.

Hope someone finds it useful.
Best wishes,


Updated 2006

Title: Upload to 3dc Gallery     by Pinhead

Description: An updated instruction (semi-animated) on how to upload to Galleries at 3DCommune.
Note: this is a java based applet.



Title: Importing-applying Color, Trans, Bump in Bryce 5     by Pinhead


Hello there,
A simple demonstration:
Importing/applying Color, Transparency and bump images to an object in Bryce.
Just start at 1import.htm
The example shown uses the free 'universalwings' by ThorneWorks and available at daz3d.
If you have any problems, comments or just wanna yell at me stop by
I'm usually found lurking in the Bryce or Bryce 101 forums.
750k zip available here :

Best regards,


Title: Make those fancy 2d Objects for Bryce     by Pinhead

Description: 'Tifs with built in Transparency Masks and how they relate to the Brycean Universe'
~Pinhead Visits Pansieland~

This is a graphic intensive tutorial folks.
Shows how to make those fancy 2d objects with built in Alpha masks (transparency) i.e.: like the leaves I post here in Freestuff.
I tore apart some of the items that came on the Bryce CDs and found it very simple to make my own. You can too!
The method applies to any photographic object and is worth learning for use with lattices, terrains and 3d objects as well.
If you don't model this is a viable alternative to achieve realistic results in your scenes.
Other apps that can use this method are ZBrush, Rhino. 3dMax, Poser etc. Any app that can use transparency/alpha masks.
You'll need a photo edit program that supports layers and channels for this.
I used Photoshop 5.5, Nitroced shows ver 6.0 differences.

Paul - Pinhead


Title: Sky Effects for All - Updated July 2005    by Pinhead      

Description: A long, and detailed, tutorial for all Bryce users on how to create scenes using lattice, terrain, 2d face and ranged lighting. Quick looks at transparent mats, terrain editor and light effects.
Best render methods also discussed.
Plenty of sceenshots and explanations.
Results are similar to my image 'Retinal Disruption' posted here:

Please let me know if you find this useful and most of all have fun!
Site mail me at if you have any questions.
I'd like to see results posted also.

Note: The basic sky used in the tutorial is available here:

Paul - Pinhead

July - 30

Title: Pinhead Bryce 101     by Me

Description: Questions from new Bryce users and Answers from me.
An ongoing compilation that I will add to as times allows.
A partial list of topics;

    Questions and Answers
  • I cant get a good thumbnail to upload [Jpeg compression] What do I?
  • How do you turn antialiasing off for individual objects?
  • Suggestions regarding caustics/light gels in Bryce
  • The DCBA thing (Or ABCD) – A component illustration – Mat Lab Stuff.
  • What the hell is Phase good for??
  • Mat Lab – Picture Mapping mode question?
  • Help Scaling Textures Please?
  • The problem with textures...I drifted
  • How do I get the "rough" look to wood? Help.
  • How do I get to the Basic Bryce textures? Can you also show the DTE with the noise editor brought up?
  • FYI Scale, Rotate, Offset 2 of 2 – Position Coordinates in Bryce
  • Simple Booleans: I'm trying to make a room, I've tried...How would you make a room?
  • Ranged Falloff Light: Is it based on the object furthest from the light, Bryce units, What?
  • Bryce Filters & Plugins – Where is they?
  • How do you make an image map in Bryce?
  • Need help using the paintbrush in the Terrain Editor.
  • Pinhead-Help Me!! (Panoramic skies applied to a model shell)
  • Terrain/Lattice Clipping? – Can't reset! A Dumb question?
  • DTE Twister mats - have I done something wrong?
  • What are mask renders and what are they used for?
  • More Terrain Clipping: a brief show and tell on how to clip a terrain.
  • How do I Import Bryce mats and skies I download from freestuff?
  • Mats: What's with the file size of imported jpegs and the resulting Exported *.Mats?!
  • Where to set Render/Print Resolution
  • More on Renders and Document Setup
  • B101 MORE on Page, Document and Render Setup Differences
  • A What da ? to Corel. .
  • How do I get rid of those edges in Volumetrics?
  • How to reduce Shear/Skew
  • How can I make more realistic mats for terrains?

2002 - 2005

Title: Fast Sun-Moon Placement by Pinhead

Description: Shortcut to place moon or sun exactly where you want it.
Something that should have been in the manual...



Title: Terrain Tree Redux     by Pinhead

Description: Hey Y'all,
Here's one for terrain tree trunks I just wrote for a new member.
There used to be one on the web but I can't find it.
Was an oldy - I thought it was very good.
So I made another...

Very easy, good results with photo textures!

Paul - Pinhead


Title: B5.x Lattice Sky 2005 -  Updated July 2005  by Pinhead

Description: Another update on my B4 lattice sky tutorial.
Several people have mentioned that they can't get this, and other lattice tutorials online working in B5.
I hope this resolves all problems.
Some interface setting are different and hidden deeper.
I've noticed that Bryce 3 techniques do not work properly with Bryce 5.
It's a large web document with a ton of pictures so I also have it as a zip if your connection is poor.
Download 1.2 meg Zip here:



Title: How to make a quick 2d image with built in Alpha Mask     by Pinhead

Description: A very easy explanation on how to create 2d picture objects for Bryce with a built in alpha mask.



Title: Bryce Model Importing and Naming - The Late Version     by Pinhead

Description: A simple step by step explanation of how to import models and name each subpart so a human can read it!

The model formats most easy to work with are 3ds, dxf and obj, these usually require smoothing which I also show in this document.
If you've never imported a model into Bryce you're missing some great ways to enhance your scenes!
Imagine...a task force of Mega brains taking over Boston, trees with human heads, veggies with anatomy, exploding villages, livestock and more!!!
All can be done once you learn these basic steps.
As you go through this, please remember that each part of a model can have it's own texture.
Just have fun damnit!!!
Written for the Bryce 101 Forum at
The best home for Brycers on the net.

Also Available here as a zip file >>

Simply extract all to a folder and start at index.html.


Title: Make a Door with Sym Lattice/Terrain     by Pinhead

Description: A tutorial showing use of tif trans maps (PC & Mac supplied) to model a door in Bryce.
Shows how to get bump and grain to show up also.
Give it a try.

Paul - Pinhead


Title: LightFalls Update - Ranged Falloff Waterfall Effect     by Pinhead

Description: A tutorial for Bryce users explaining how to create the appearance of waterfalls using ranged falloff lighting on a Path.
This is a large java app with VCR type controls.
Unzip to a temp folder and view by opening Lightfall640_viewlet.html.

As always feel free to write me with any questions.

Paul - Pinhead


Title: Combination Sky Part 2 - Enhancing your Image     by Pinhead

Description: Part Two of Two...
How to enhance your sky using Photoshop or PSP.
Many thanks to Mercy20 and TJ for PSP sections!
This illustrates step by step how to use gradients and layers to enhance the sky from Part One...useful for any image, not only clouds.
Note to dial up users: This is a large document due to the screen caps needed to show all steps.
Weight is 995k.

Hope you get something from it - let me know!

Updated 18 Aug 2003


Title: How to make a Killer Combination Sky - Part One (Bryce)     by Pinhead

Description: This is intended to show all users how to create, and use, a volumetric symmetrical lattice with a volume cloud plane to get dramatic skies in Bryce 4.
Can be used with B3 creative!
Posted here by request.
Links to Cloud tif zips added 02/2002


Email me with any questions.

Updated 18 Aug 2003

Title: My Interview with a Lattice     by Pinhead

Description: This is from a interview I did elsewhere and thought you might find it helpful if you are new to Bryce or are unfamiliar with how to use symmetrical lattices to make anything you could possibly imagine…including effects.
I also make plenty of stupid comments for boredom relief.

Have fun - I did.



More Tutorials - C4D and BodyPaint

Title: BodyPaint 2 UV Edit - How to Unwrap and re-Map an Obj...

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Description: ....Pinhead plays with dresses...
Object example I used is the Formal Dress from Poser 4© Female-Clothing. Uhhh, I don't know many guys who wear dresses but who knows, it may soon be in the Unisex Clothing category...hahahaaha
At least I get to play with a dress - I'd rather not wear it and I'm sure you'll thank me for this ; )
Lets see what we can do with this dress eh?
This instruction assumes you have MAXON BodyPaint 2 and know basic UV mapping.
It is meant for newer users of BodyPaint's UV functions.




Title: Methods of Madness: Text in Cinema 4D Part 1

Description: Using Non-Booleans for negative Boolean Text ; )

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Cinema 4D has an auto-subtract trick built into its Extrude NURBS function when using splines.
As Text is included in the Objects > Spline Primitive listing it can be used in a negative manner.
(no, I don't mean to encourage you to say nasty thingz about people, you can about me though ; )
How texty are you - lets find out eh?
This method has many uses not readily apparent, please check it out.




Title: Methods of Madness: Text in Cinema 4D Part 2

Description: Using Sweep NURBS and Text Profiles

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Part 2 of my 'can I drive you more insane with text only' experiments.

A Sweep NURBS needs at bare minimum a Spline and a Profile.
With Spline Primitive Text being used as a profile this method should lead you to many discoveries.
You can use any text face installed on your system.
This tutorial shows text but remember you can sweep just about anything along a spline
Let's get right to this sweeping along a spleen stuff..heheheh




Title: Methods of Madness : Doze Wacky C4D Spleens and Sweeps

Description: Who needs a spleen in C4D anyhow?

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Didn't I did warn you CG would make you're lost now kiddo...and your internal stuff is leavin with ya

Let the janitor have it I say. My spleen that is.
This is a simple tutorial using splines and a spline primitive in Cinema 4D to make a fancy structural object.
In this case a roof I want for use later. But it can easily serve more than one purpose simply by changing the spline type as you will see.
Excited??! Me too! Better tell Nurse Ratchet I'm late for my thorazine...



Sept -06

Title: Methods of Madness: Controlling Sweeps

Description: Sweep NURBS and staying in line

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Madness continues, I'm now sweeping a table top ; )

A simple (well kinda) method to control profile sweeps around a spline primitive.
It can be used around the full perimeter without visible defects on rectangles, ellipse etc,.
A table-top with profiled edge used as an example subject.



Sept -16

Title: Methods of Madness: Linear Lofts and Pumpkins

Description: Quik n Cheap C4D PumpKin for the Holidaze

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

My favooorrrrright holiday of course

Make a pumpkin using Linear Loft, Mesh, Disconnect and Split
How to make a segmented loft and spilt it up just like the real thing ; )
Fun and destructive!



Sept -30

Title: Methods of Madness: Projecting Splines onto a Radial Surface

Description: Quik n Cheap C4D PumpKinz for the Holidaze Part 2.

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

Hey! go squash your squash!

How to project, extrude and boolean subtract spline profiles on a round-radial surface.
Like a pumpkin maybe ; )
This assumes you've read the previous tutorial above, 'Linear Lofts and Pumpkins' ...and now what you have to do is make cutouts for a face...

Many uses to this method not readily apparent such as carving furniture, columns, low weight structual facades etc,..



Oct -04

Title: Cinema 4d and BodyPaint UV Edit - Output a UV Template and Texture Map

Description: Make a general use texture template

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

I need my face flipped.

Wanna texture template you can alter in a 2d program ala ©UVMapper?
It can be done with BodyPaint's Outline Polygon function.
We're going to use a basic primitive as a simple example to make a template which can be used in any paint program.
Including BodyPaint of course...

This tutorial intentionally bounces you around layouts in the hope that this will help you become more familiar with the flexibly of the program. I'm not doing it to annoy you ; )
After you're done with this brief explanation see if you can find the fastest way to accomplish the same task.



Feb -01

Title: Cinema 4d - Knife, Slice and Dice

Description: Using the Knife tool - Cinema 4D Version 8.5 Basic Modeling

by Pinhead a.k.a Paul Pappathan

the butter knife slides in eeeeeasily

The intent of this tutorial is to show how to make a very low poly house model in Cinema 4D using the Knife Tool in lieu of Booleans.

You will notice the same sequence is used each time after an object is Made Editable (C key).
When in Polygon (Tool) mode you Select a face to make it active.
You use the Knife to 'cut' the surface where you want windowdoor openings to be.
The new surface is Split (separated and copied) from the original to make independent objects.
The original selected faces are deleted leaving you with window openings and window 'glass' panels.



Mar -22

a great place to hang out with insane people